About Us

Machines are inevitable elements for both companies and persons in today's world.

Bapak Barrier Packaging- Machine Industry and Trade firstly began to produce some kind of packagings that can be only provided by importation in 2007,in Turkey, after our founder's long term researches and studies on packagings with barrier structured and multilayer. Our production has been continuingsince 2007 ;

Thus our firm;

Since 2007, domestic market sellings of these special packagings have been making by increasing each year, besides export rates are increasing year by year.

Major products that BAPAK packagings are used for are as below;

*Roasted coffee beans
*Milled coffee(Turkish Coffee)
*Espresso *Instant coffee
*Food additives
*Powdered drink mix
*Semi-manufactured chewing gums
*Dried nuts
*Dried vegetables and fruits
*Seeds *pesticides
*Human medicine and its semi products
*Cat and dog foods
*Engineering plastics(Their compounds)
*Special products (in granuleand powder)