Bapak Packaging being is leader of initials presents high quality products

Bapak Packaging firstly entered into service in Turkey relating flexible packagings with one way degassing valves- humidity and oxygen barrier in 2007.

Since 2007,it renders qualityand rapid services as owner of DESIGN REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS and as solution partner of its customers on different sort of packagings with aluminium and metallised layers, standart and high oxygen barrier structure which areused in many sectors.

Furthermore, we supply special packagings that are produced with special film layers by evaluating of product structure, intented shelf life, carriage distance, storage conditions,to our customers.

The products that BAPAK packagings are used for are as below;

Kindly Coffee products, cacao and its goods, ice cream powder, powdered drink mix, powdered cream, spices and seasoning mix, legumes, drugs, bulk product drugs, vitamin additive agents, various powdered additive agents and mixtures, all dried foods bakery products, seeds, manure, agricultural pesticide, fish and fish products, fish-feed, engineering plastics, various powered, particuled, sequined chemicals, cats-dogs feed, bird feed, all foods and chemical goods of which gas outlet in packagaing continue after filling.

Packaging types are;

Bags with side hooded and volumed between 1 gr and 1000 kg,

Bags of which three sided are closed, basic, vacuum type, between 75 mm x 75 mm and 490 mm x 800 mm,

Doypack bags with zipped, without zipped, between 100 mm x 150 mm+60 mm and 300 mm x 225 mm+100 mm

Furthermore, 300 types of packagings with one way degassing valve, zipper, without valve, zipper that are produced in accordance with demands for long years and are in various colours for standart usage, film structures and forms are constantly in our stock.

We have 23 colour choices for today, on the other hand colour and product variety are being increased day by day.

By this means, our customers can instantly obtain packagings at minimum one parcel that they require.

Numbers of final consumers are increasing and our customer can find opportunity to reach more consumers, because of packaging variety and therefore options are being had with this opportunity being provided by Bapak Packaging,

Bapak Packaging pursues research and development studies for innovations. Thus we are proud of submitting of innovation both barrier packagings and machines to our customers.

On the other hand, It is possible to vacuum many food products .

(Such as cereials, legumes, coffee types, spices, semi finished drugs,additive products etc)

in shape of rectangular parallelepiped and/or cubic forms called as "Brick" in small and big sized enterprises by virtue of destop vertical vacuum machine being lately improved by us.

Besides, it is possible to seal all packagings with barrier structured and aluminium foil layer up to 480 mm width in %100 healty and nonpermeable way, through manual and semi automatic intelligent sealing machines.

We can also provide more long and large jaw sealing machines in the line with request of our customers.

Bapak Packaging gains its customers' confidence as a solution partnership due to supporting its customers not to product loss and its fund of knowledge, improved packaging structures and machines.